The Journey of a Single Data Point: Cross-Process TP Automation in Workiva


As Tax/TP practitioners, we are always looking to build synergies across processes, harmonizing our calculation and reporting flows. Aiming to create a “Single Source of Truth” solution for all our Tax/TP needs. We all feel and understand the pressure we are under to comply with the ever-increasing tax reporting burden. Fragmented, over-engineered, do we need to say more! Sometimes it’s collecting and transforming the sheer amount of requested data that is a challenge on its own.

However, we are also witnessing a changing landscape. Tax has become the conversational partner of the CFO, Finance, Business and also IT. We as Tax, have also embraced technology to drive our processes.

We are excited to experience the step up to automating multiple tax automated processes and the efficiency and consistency in data it brings. To this end, there are few software solutions which offer the capability of end-to-end cross-process automation on a single platform like Workiva. Combining data across processes such as TP documentation, OTP, CBCR and Pillar 2 is the next step to getting audit ready and enabling scenario planning.

If you are curious to see what this user journey looks like in Workiva, please register for one of our webinars on the 9th of April 2024:

April 9th 9:00 am:
April 9th 4:00pm:

Hope to see you April the 9th!
The Taxtimbre Team

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