International Institute for Tax and Finance Academy of Tax Law

I/I/T/F Academy of Tax Law

Prof Dr Daniel N. Erasmus is the head of academics at I/I/T/F Academy of Tax Law.

The I/I/T/F Academy of Tax Law (A/T/L) is the tax education division of I/I/T/F.

A/T/L started in 2005 as a niche, short-course training institution; however, in 2008 took the move to offer full postgraduate qualifications focussing primarily on various aspects of tax law.

Tax Law is an ever-changing landscape with legislators constantly trying to plug the so-called “tax gap“.  These changes make tax law (globally) more complex, creating a dynamic and complex arena for organisations to function.  For this reason, A/T/L has a somewhat different approach to “traditional” universities when teaching tax law.  The A/T/L academic faculty consists of practising tax experts who draw on their extensive knowledge in dealing with very complex matters to deliver courses that are not only of the highest academic quality but are up-to-the-minute current with any new developments.

The members of the faculty practice tax law in many jurisdictions around the world, making them ideal candidates to lecture on A/T/L courses.

A/T/L offers various courses in tax law, including International Taxation, Transfer Pricing and other specialised tax law subjects.  The qualifications range from practical certificate courses, postgraduate certificates and diplomas to Masters (MSc) programmes.

A/T/L has partnered with industry and educational leaders to deliver these market-leading courses.

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