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Dr Eramsus
Prof Dr Daniel N Erasmus, tax law expert and lead counsel

Dr. Daniel N. Erasmus is a renowned tax law and risk management figure. With nearly three decades of experience, he has carved a niche as a leading tax law expert, educator, and author. Dr. Erasmus holds a prestigious position as chair of and head of academics at the Academy of Tax Law, contributing profoundly to the field through extensive research, publications, and lectures. His pioneering work has aided countless multinational organisations and professionals navigate the complex landscape of tax law, ensuring compliance and optimization of tax strategies.


Dr. Erasmus’s contributions include several influential books, notably:

Tax Intelligence: The 7 Habitual Tax Mistakes Made by Companies. A must-read for business leaders, this book offers invaluable insights into avoiding common tax pitfalls. Available on Amazon.

Conducting a TP Trial. Having prepared and argued at numerous transfer pricing trials, I thought committing my journey and experiences to paper was a good idea to guide others on this path. Buy this book.

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Dr. Erasmus’s expertise in tax law has been recognized widely in the media, including features and interviews in prominent legal and financial publications. His innovative approach to tax risk management has set new standards in the field, earning him accolades and coverage from respected outlets.

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