The TPA Transfer Pricing Global Documentation Handbook

The “TPA: Transfer Pricing Global Documentation Handbook – December 2023” is a comprehensive guide for multinational companies navigating the complexities of transfer pricing documentation in compliance with global tax regulations. The handbook emphasizes the importance of consistency across essential documents such as Corporate Income Tax returns, Master Files, Local Transfer Pricing Files, Country-by-Country reports, and more, to avoid common pitfalls like inconsistent treatment of intercompany transactions and discrepancies between commercial and tax books. It offers a detailed overview of the documentation requirements across various jurisdictions, incorporating OECD and UN guidelines, and provides a practical framework for ensuring accurate and harmonized transfer pricing documentation. This resource is tailored to assist tax professionals, corporate authorities, and others involved in producing or reviewing transfer pricing documents, promoting adherence to local laws and international standards.

Click here to download the TPA: Transfer Pricing Global Documentation Handbook

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