Dispute Resolutions

Dispute Resolutions

We’ve honed our skills on dispute resolutions internationally, involving various tax authorities. We have a record of settling for less than 3% of audited assessments, across Africa, Europe and the United States. We are currently involved in a transfer pricing disputes in South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda. We have trained officials in the transfer pricing departments of various Revenue Authorities, including the the FIRS (The Federal Revenue Authority) in Nigeria.

Major disputes in Income Tax, Customs & Excise, VAT and Transfer Pricing include (totalling in excess of USD$ 4bn in value):

  • Largest professional firm in South Africa dispute with SARS;
  • Largest packaging firm in Malawi TP dispute with MRA;
  • Largest cell phone company TP dispute with URA and other Revenue Authorities;
  • Former 2nd largest beer producer – Various disputes with SARS on various fronts;
  • One of the largest casino and hotel operators in Africa – Various disputes with SARS on various fronts;
  • Largest ferro-chrome producer  in the world – Dispute with SARS;

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