TRM™ Clients

TRM™ works with multi-national companies, country specific corporates and private companies, and high net worth individuals. Many of these are local and international household names.

Despite country specific legislation and language barriers, TRM™ have successfully implemented its Tax Risk Management methodology with clients on 3 major continents, in many countries. The principles TRM™ implements have a universal application, and our teams are well skilled in working in different jurisdictions, with the area specific technicians that are already assisting clients. For a FREE pdf copy of our book on Tax Risk Management strategies, email

In an environment that requires both sensitivity and urgency, our clients demand work of the highest quality that is both consistent and accurate. TRM™ have a proven track record in meeting these demands and more.

TRM™ clients include:

  • One of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world (German);
  • The largest clothing retailer in Southern Africa;
  • The largest IT and professional consulting firm in the world;
  • The former 2nd largest beer brewer in the world;
  • The largest mobile phone company in Africa and the Middle East;
  • The largest packaging manufacturer in Africa;
  • The largest FerroChrome mining company in the world;
  • One of the largest mining and commodity groups in the world; and
  • Many other companies doing business in Africa, US and Europe (ranging from smaller companies to industry leaders).
As a result we are exposed directly and indirectly to tax issues arising in more than 20 countries world-wide.
Through our involvement in post-graduate education we have analysed more than 20 countries’ international tax & transfer pricing provisions and rules, for planning and tax representation purposes.
We have taught Revenue Authorities and corporations from more than 15 countries on international tax & transfer pricing, international tax and domestic tax issues.
The result – we have significant insight into the tax systems of many countries where we have consulted with significant corporations doing business there.