Our Approach

TRM™ is an international specialist tax consulting firm, assisting taxpayers (with their accountants, EAs and CPAs) and companies overcome various tax controversies (tax representation and tax court matters). With offices in the United States and Africa, TRM™ has established a reputation for excellence in the field of Tax Risk Management, and has a particular competence in tax representations and tax court work, including Africa-related multinational tax matters.

To contact TRM™ for a private and confidential meeting please e-mail Dr. Daniel N. Erasmus at daniel@TaxRiskManagement.com.

The appropriate team drawn from our network THE AFRICA TAX DESK, and our specialists based in: West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Atlanta, New York (United States); Lagos, Port-Harcourt & Abuja (Nigeria); Piton (Mauritius); Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Port Elizabeth (South Africa); will be assembled to assist you with international and domestic tax issues, concerns about any tax controversy, and how to overcome your tax risk concerns. Most of our conflict cases have been resolved successfully out of court.

Tax uncertainty is an ongoing risk problem for all companies. The ability to mitigate this risk is easier than most companies think. TRM™ has spent years developing, implementing, and supporting comprehensive tax risk management systems in businesses. TRM™ applies a set of universal tax principles that allow corporations to identify and manage tax risks effectively, with documented results.

Often, TRM™ participates as an objective outside consultant to guide tax personnel, in their respective divisions, with existing tax advisor(s), to execute a company’s Tax Risk Management Strategic Plan in a streamlined and united way.

In recent years TRM™ has served taxpayers whose collective issued Revenue Service Assessments tallied an astounding approx. $3.5bn. With the direct involvement of TRM™, this collective figure was settled for less than 3% (on average) across these taxpayers, with a number of them having settled for 0%, with most settled out of court successfully.

“Even the most benevolent of governments are made up of people with all the propensities for human failings.  The rule of law as we understand it consists in the set of conventions and arrangements that ensure that it is not left to the whims of individual rulers to decide on what is good for the populace.  The administrative conduct of government and authorities are subject to the scrutiny of independent organs.  This is an essential element of good governance that we have sought to have built into our new constitutional order.”

“ It was, to me, never reason for irritation but rather a source of comfort when those bodies were asked to adjudicate on actions of any Government and my Office and judged against.”



South Africa – http://www.financialmail.co.za/opinion/ingoodfaith/2015/10/29/in-good-faith-sars-told-to-stop-bullying as reported in the FINANCIAL TIMES

Uganda – Transfer Pricing – Telecommunications management fees -USD$54m

South Africa – Customs/Excise – Liquor industry classification dispute – USD$60m

Malawi – Transfer Pricing – Packaging/royalties/procurement charges – USD$43m

Rwanda – Transfer Pricing/VAT – Telecommunications – USD$20m

South Africa – Various tax disputes mining, telecommunications, banking industries – USD$40m

Zambia – Exit taxes/Lien on equipment – Mining company – USD$55m

South Africa – Transfer Pricing – Telecommunications/Royalties – USD$500m